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Moratòria Lollipop


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The pomegranate, a symbol of fertility, alludes to the appearance of sexuality, of fertility in the individual, but it is found on a support for children, such is the dictionary lollipop. The concept of psychosocial moratòria could be contained in this gesture. A candy that contains the infant, the adolescent and the near adult. A consumable, edible support, which, however, as a performative gesture takes on an artistic value. As such, it is not certain that it will be consumed, exactly like the psychosocial moratorium phase.

Lollipop came from Moratòria project, which is a photographic book that talks about moratoria concept (youth) from Erikson social psychology, in conversation with Arnold Van Gennep and Victor Turner thesis about passage rites, with specific focus on that phase called “liminale”: that period of rite which characterizes the individual of social ambiguity. The project tries a link between this aspects and the generation Z of actual contemporary Europe, which is characterized from an overexposure of obscene images transmitted mainly by Internet and television.

To know more about the project: https://www.behance.net/gallery/102987187/Moratoria

Dimensions (cm):
5W x 15H x 0.5D


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