It has become difficult, nowadays, to pay attention to the things that every day, we are used to seeing, taking them for granted.
How many people, day or night, look up into the deep sky thinking about what is incredible and infinite around us? How many reflect on our minimum size compared to everything that exists just outside our planet Earth? How many observe with transport the form and the pale light of the poetic Moon?
I don’t know, I would really like to know but few will honestly say their sincere thoughts and many will repeat the obvious words and speeches that only true poets really know how to do. Every so often I reflect on the creations of Lucio Fontana and Kengiro Azuma, on their concept of space, on what they wanted to tell us and that we have not yet understood. Art is a difficult and lonely road that many think they are making too much noise. Pengpeng is a fine observer and many things do not escape his gaze. The Moon has been watching her for years because she knows that she was her silent company and is a reassuring luminous presence, a nocturnal poetic reference. He observed, painted and photographed her because he wanted to be close to her, in silence, exploring her silvery formations from above her, living her as a navigator who was never satisfied. Here they are, therefore, these works, these severe works that speak to us with elegance of the shapes of her Moon, dreamed of many times and made just as he wished: a silvery monochrome planet capable of simply bewitching our eye.

Dimensions (cm):
50W x 50H x 2D


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