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Help - Selling


To ensure a nice and safe experience for our users, only vetted profiles can sell on Popseekl.

Create an account

Start by creating an account. Click on the Login button in the top right corner of the website, then select Register.



The registration form should be pretty straightforward, just make sure you pay attention to the difference between Name and Username. The former is the name that will be displayed to other users (your First & Last Name, your Nickname, the name of your art project/collective etc.), while the latter is just the string of characters that uniquely identifies your account and that you can use to log in. Your Name can be changed at any time through your Profile Settings.


Once you are done, you will receive a confirmation e-mail (make sure you check your spam folder). Just click on the activation link and that’s it, can now log in!

Set up your account

Click on the avatar on the navigation bar and select “Account” from your profile dropdown to get to the cockpit of your Popseekl profile. From here you will be able to manage your preferences and, once you will become a seller, to manage your store and its settings. 


Start spicing things up a little: go to Profile Settings, upload a Profile Pic and write a Short Bio. Filling up these two fields before applying is a very good idea as it shows our team that you are serious about Popseekl!

Apply to sell your works

Time to send your application: go to your account page and click on Apply to sell your works. 


A very simple form will appear: select your profile type and your preferred medium, then show us what you got! Your Instagram name and/or your personal website will do, but feel free to upload your portfolio or any other document you deem relevant.


Once you are done, you will immediately receive an e-mail confirming that your application is under review. We’ll have a look at your work and notify you by e-mail on whether you can start selling on Popseekl. We strive to keep it short, so expect to hear back from us within a couple of days!

Connect with Stripe

I made it, I can start selling my works! Hold your horses, cowboy. Selling means payments, and payments require security. Payments on Popseekl are powered by Stripe, the industry leader in online payments. Thanks to our Stripe integration, you will be able to accept payments from buyers and receive your net payout in exchange for very low processing fees. 


What to do in practice? Go to your account page and click on Connect with Stripe to sell your works. This will open a Stripe page that will allow you to either connect your existing Stripe account or to create a new one. Creating an account is very easy and takes only a few minutes, as it only requires you to fill in your personal details and state where you want to receive your payouts. Please refer to our “Stripe FAQ” guide for more information regarding the onboarding process.


You are done! You can now create your first listing. 

As discussed here, you need to fill in a short form in case you do not already hold a Stripe account. The exact nature of the questions will depend on your country of residency, but the following FAQs should be useful no matter where you are from.

What if my country is not in the list?

Bummer, it means that Stripe is not available in your country yet. Read here for more information on the topic.

What if I do not have a website?

No problem, just use the url of your Popseekl profile page


Just make sure to replace yourusername with your actual username before copy-pasting this.

I do not understand the "business description" section

Do not worry at all about this. From the dropdown field, just find “retail” and select “other merchandise”. In the description field, forget Stripe’s suggestion asking you to detail to whom you sell your products and how you debit your clients, that is not necessary. Use this field to specify the category of products you will be selling, for instance by writing “prints”, “photos”, “zines” or whatever it is that you are selling.

Can I create a Stripe account as a physical person?

Yes. Despite you might feel that Stripe’s onboarding flow looks business-like, you can create an account even if you do not have a registered business. 

Type of business. When asked to fill in the type of your business, just select the personal/individual enterprise option that applies in your country. For instance:

– UK: individual / sole trader

– Italy: personale / impresa individuale

– France: particulier / microentrepreneur / autoentrepreneur

Company and VAT numbers. These fields are optional, so feel free to leave them blank in case they are not relevant to your specific case.

Business address. Feel free to use your personal address here.

Do I need a VAT number to create a Stripe account?

No. Stripe will ask you for a VAT number during the onboarding flow, but you are not required to fill in such information.

You need to connect with a Stripe account in order to start uploading your works and receive payments on Popseekl. Stripe is the industry leader in the payment processing industry, and thanks to our Stripe integration you will be able to accept payments from buyers and receive your payouts in exchange for very low processing fees (read here for more details).



You can either connect your existing Stripe account or be prompted to create a new one from your Account page. For more information, read our guide on “How do I become a seller?” here.

When it comes to your money, we live by 3 pillars. Popseekl is transparent, risk-free and fair.



Setting up your shop and listing your works on Popseekl is completely free. However, as much as we would like to give you the coolest community and the best services for free, that is just not possible. 

Popseekl fees

There is a lot of hard work behind the scenes to keep the show running (tech, marketing, support, legal etc.), so we need to take a cut from your transactions. That is just when you sell something, so by joining Popseekl you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. 


Everytime you sell something on Popseekl, we deduct from the total value of the order 15% of the price of the item and we transfer the net funds on your Stripe account.

Stripe fees

You will be charged separately for the payment processing fees. Fear not! We have paired with the best: while offering you top-tier services in the payments arena, Stripe is extraordinarily cheap when compared to other solutions (ex. Paypal). Fees vary depending on the country of residence of you and your buyer, but as an European seller you should expect to pay 1.4% of the total transaction value (item price + shipping cost), plus a fixed fee of €0.25 for each transaction. 


Make sure to check Stripe’s pricing page for more detailed information and updates. In order to check your country’s specific price point, navigate to the footer of that page and select your country: the page will refresh and you will see the pricing that applies to your specific case.

Popseekl is currently open to sellers in all the countries where our payment processing solution (Stripe) is available. For a complete list of all supported countries, check this page: if your country is in that list, you are good to go!


As we enhance our platform and we add new ways for sellers to process payments, Popseekl will become available in more countries. So make sure to check this article for updates from time to time!

The legal and tax systems vary widely among different countries and change continuously, so we cannot possibly give you advice about whether and how you should pay taxes on the items that you sell on Popseekl. In case you are not familiar with selling your artworks and you are unsure about your obligations given your tax status, we encourage you to seek legal advice.


We may from time to time publish information on the topic through help articles and blog posts. However, in accordance to our Terms of Use and our Seller Agreement, you are ultimately responsible for verifying what your obligations are on the basis of your specific situation.

Incomplete information

The information you provided us is insufficient to evaluate your candidature. If you think that this may have been the issue, feel free to apply again. Just make sure to fill as many fields as possible this time.

Unsupported country

Unfortunately, Popseekl is currently only open to sellers in countries where our payment processing solution (Stripe) is available. For a complete list of all supported countries, have a look here.

Type of content

It is also possible that our team thought your work does not fit the type of content we plan to showcase at this stage. 

Popseekl is home of the best talents around. We think very highly of them and believe they are much better curators for themselves than we could ever be. So the short answer is: you can sell anything you’ve made. 


However, we do have some guidelines that can help you out in case you are not sure whether you should pop that particular piece in your Popseekl store.

Your creations

It’s probably pretty clear already, but just to be on the safe side: Popseekl is not about second hand, so you must be the creator of the things you sell. In addition, in accordance with our Terms of Use and our Seller Agreement, you should also check that you have all the necessary rights to sell it. While it’s obviously not cool to sell someone else stuff, sometimes property rights are less straightforward. Can you sell that artwork given the agreement you have with that gallery? What about the unpublished photos that you took when you were working on that advertising campaign for that big brand? Probably worth double-checking.

Our categories

Our community welcomes the most diverse creative identities, aiming at pushing the boundaries of contemporary creativity in every direction. However, we do have a list of categories that help us keep things tidy and organized. Here we go: photographs, prints, drawings, paintings, 3D, mixed media, zines & books. You’ll see that each of these categories also have sub-categories where you can pick from.

While most of these categories are pretty straightforward, a couple of clarifications won’t hurt.

– 3D: anything that goes beyond the cartesian plane, we mean both sculpture and design

– Mixed Media: collage, frottage and pretty much any other word ending with age

– Zines and books: independent magazines, fanzines, photo/artists books 


In case you don’t find the right category for your stuff, you can probably revert to “other”. Who knows, one day we may have a specific category for whatever your trade is.


You can create listings for both unique pieces, limited edition series with a pre-specified number copies or open editions. Make sure you specify which one it is in the description of the piece you list.


We currently do not support multiple formats. Popseekl is not the place where you will be able to sell your design on pillows, t-shirts or in 12 different paper formats. So in case your works are multiples, you’re just gonna have to pick a single format.

None likes to buy stuff from someone looking like a placeholder, so make sure you upload a profile picture and write a short bio ASAP. True, it is not much, but it will help your audience get a sense of who you are and give a more professional touch to your store.

Upload a profile picture

You can do this from your Account page. Go to “Profile Settings” and select “Profile pic”:

you can upload, crop and delete your profile picture from there.

Write a short bio

Again, go to “Profile Settings”, then select “Profile Info”. Here’s where you can write up a few lines about yourself: who you are, what you do, why you are on Popseekl etc. A few words of advice: keep it very short and make it catchy.

What else?

We are working on more tools for you to be able to present your creative research, share ideas and discuss with other users. Stay tuned!

We recommend that you start by uploading at least 3-6 works in order to make your profile sufficiently juicy. Uploading a new piece is very easy: after your seller application has been approved, just click on the (+) button that has appeared on the bottom-right corner of every page. This opens the artwork uploader, which makes you create a listing in a matter of minutes.


In addition to the featured image, we recommend to upload the maximum number (3) of gallery images. This will allow you to vary the perspective of the shots so as to give the users the clearest possible idea of what the work looks like. In addition to full picture photos, take photos of the details too, they can enrich the presentation of your work and make others curious about it. 


Category. Use the category dropdown menu to browse through the available categories and the nested subcategories. In case you opt for a subcategory (ex. Digital Photography), your work will also be visible to everyone visiting the parent category page (ex. Photography).


Title. Fill in this field with the title of your work. Nothing comes to mind? Great minds have used Untitled before you.


Dimensions. Fill in the 3 dimensions of your work in cm. Use integer numbers: in case of measurements containing decimals, please approximate to the nearest integer (ex. 15 instead of 14.8).


Description. Together with images, this is the most important part of your listing. Use this field to tell others everything there is to know about your work: caption the title, describe the technique, specify if it’s a unique piece or part of a series, inform about a particular shipping schedule etc. Pay attention to striking the right balance between details and briefness, you want to give all the relevant information without being verbose.

Price, edition and shipping

Price and edition. Indicate the price of your work and select whether it is an open edition, a limited edition or a unique piece. By default, your artwork is considered an open edition, meaning that you can reproduce it indefinitely and multiple users can order it. If that is not the case, make sure you tick the Limited edition box and indicate the Number of copies: 1 for a unique piece, n for a limited edition series. 


Shipping. How much will you charge buyers for shipping the item? Here, you can specify a national and an international shipping fee, which will apply depending on the location of the buyer. If you don’t want to ship abroad, you can disable international shipping. Note that from the Store Settings section of your Account page you can specify your default shipping fees, which will apply if you don’t override them when uploading the artwork.

Manage your store

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