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Popseekl. Not another boring art marketplace.

By Popseekl


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We made it. After weeks months of brainstorming, sketches, interviews, coding and so forth, we are finally ready to present our newborn platform. Introducing: Popseekl.
By now, you are probably asking yourself what the hell is Popseekl. Fair point. Let’s start with a definition.
Popseekl /ˈpɒp.sɪ.kəl/ – just as in ‘popsicle’
The social marketplace where the next generation of creators connect, exchange ideas, grow a fanbase and sell their original work.

Why Popseekl?

Because the world of visual arts has evolved, and we believe there hasn’t been an adequate response to such an exceptional change.

Today, modern online platforms are core components of all major creative industries, empowering creators to reach a much larger audience than they did once. Think of the disruptive change brought about by Spotify and Soundcloud for music, Youtube and Vimeo for videos, or even Depop and Grailed within the fashion industry. Despite our differences, we do embrace their pioneering idea of empowering individuals with a direct channel to a new audience, and we believe that the world of visual arts needs a similar revolution.

The online art scene is crowded with marketplaces offering creators plain e-commerce solutions, which are better suited to selling home appliances rather than any creative piece. At Popseekl, we strongly believe that creativity only thrives in a social environment, and that creators need not only to be able to sell their pieces, but also to connect ideas and directly interact with their fanbase.

That is why we have decided to blur lines between the worlds of social networks, blogs and e-commerce. That is why we created Popseekl.
Popseekl launch be like

What can I do on Popseekl?

Whether you are a creator yourself or you are simply interested in visual arts, Popseekl is the place to go.

For creators. You can create your profile, present your ideas, showcase your works, interact with other creators and sell your pieces. Fill our one minute application to become one of the first creators on Popseekl, discover more on how everything works here.

For everyone. We do not want the audience to be relegated to the passive role of a simple buyer. Everyone can create a profile, interact with creators, discover, like, comment and buy their works. We strongly believe our community does not end at creators, and we are working on new and innovative ways to include everyone.

What will I find on Popseekl?

We want to create the largest creative hub and blend together the most interesting and diverse expressions of contemporary creativity.

Next to the traditional figure of the professional artist, an ever growing mass of creators, who often come from neighbouring creative industries, produce today extraordinary artworks. Popseekl was born to give voice to all talented creators, irrespective of whether they are considered artists in the more traditional sense of the word. We believe in talent, not in old labels.

We are a community of visual artists, photographers, designers, illustrators, and much more. We deal in photography, prints, drawings, paintings, sculptures, design objects, zines, artist books and any other sort of medium you can think of.

Are there any fees for creators?

We believe in the fair compensation of everyone’s work. We do recognize that creators deserve the lion’s share of the profits when selling an artwork. At the same time, building, maintaining and improving a platform like Popseekl costs a lot of money (IT, marketing, people etc.). We therefore need some revenues to make it sustainable. There are no setup nor subscription fees for creators, who can join Popseekl and start listing their works for free. However, we do charge a commission when they sell something. You can find more information here.
Time to wrap up, let’s summarize.

Popseekl IS

– A social media where you can connect with other people
– A community where you can exchange ideas
– A marketplace to sell and buy amazing artworks seamlessly

Popseekl IS NOT

– Yet another agent taking a >50% fee to sell your artworks
– Yet another e-commerce printing your designs on cheap mugs
– Yet another online gallery representing a small number of artists
– Yet another scam asking you >500€ to showcase your artworks
– Yet another online marketplace for art amateurs

Join Popseekl. Now.

If all this sounds interesting to you, give it a try. Click on the GIF below to create an account today and kick-start your journey on Popseekl.
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