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For creators: how to kick-start your Popseekl.

By Popseekl


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You’ve heard the news, Popseekl is live. Creators of all lands, unite and join us now! In case you don’t know what we are talking about, do read the news to get the full picture.

Long story short

Popseekl is the social marketplace where you will be able to connect with fellow creators from around the world, exchange ideas, grow a fanbase and sell your original work.

We are creating the largest creative hub by blending together the most interesting and diverse expressions of contemporary creativity. Next to visual artists, we were born to give voice to all talented creators. We deal in photography, prints, drawings, paintings, sculptures, design objects, zines, artist books and any other sort of medium you can think of.
Creativity, no matter the label.

Create your profile

First things first, join our platform by registering an account. Once you are done, set your profile pic and write a short bio from your profile settings. Time to send us your application: go to your account page, click on “Apply to sell your works”, and take the one minute needed to fill in the form.

Just one small note on the application. At Popseekl, we want to enlarge the horizon of visual arts, featuring both visual artists in the traditional sense of the word and talented creators from other creative industries. However, this does not mean welcoming all sort of amateur content, which would impair great content from standing out. That is why selling on Popseekl is not open to everybody, hope
THIS MAN created his profile on Popseekl

List your first pieces

Once your application will be accepted (it shouldn’t take more than a couple of days), you will be able to sell your pieces on Popseekl. Actually, you have to connect a payment method before, but this is not the place to discuss it. You can find more information about this here.

We recommend that you start by uploading at least 3-6 pieces in order to make your profile sufficiently juicy. Uploading a new work is very easy: just click on the (+) button that has appeared on the bottom-right corner of every page after your account has been approved. This will let you create a listing in a matter of minutes!


If you haven’t sold anything online before, creating a listing may seem difficult. Truth is, it is super easy with Popseekl.

Here’s a few tips for an effective listing:
– Images. You can upload up to 4 images, make sure you vary the perspective of the shots.
– Details. Fill in all available fields, and strike the right balance between details and briefness in the description.
– Edition. Make sure to indicate the number of copies available to avoid receiving orders for something you cannot ship.

Find more information and tips on our help guides here

Share it via social media!

You are done. You have successfully created your profile on Popseekl and put up your first pieces for sale.

Make sure everyone knows about it, use social media to spread the word! Your Popseekl url will look nice on your Instagram account and will help your followers finding your pieces.
Replace "thisman" with your Popseekl username